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American Airlines Pilot Gets Testy During JFK Bomb Threat [AUDIO]

Posted By: Big Dennis · 9/19/2012 11:27:00 AM


Another bomb scare triggered panic as flyers had to sit aboard a flight at the JFK Airport on Mondays and reports came out saying that the pilot of American Airlines Flight 24, one of the three planes named in the bomb scare got testy with the air traffic control center after he was told that they recieved an anonymous call that there were Islamic hijackers on board three flights armed with explosives. He demanded to know why he was being held on the plane as emergency vehicles surrounded him. The two other planes that were named were Finnair Flight 5 and American Airlines Flight 846.

Audio was released by ABC News via Good Morning America where you can hear the pilot of the flight getting annoyed with the ATC demanding more information. Check out the audio:



It turns out the anonymoous call was a hoax but do you think the pilot was overreacting in the situation? He sounded real tight.

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