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Russel Simmons Is Seeking A Global Boycott Of Zoos

Posted By: Big Dennis · 9/21/2012 1:34:00 PM

Russell Simmons won't be bringing his two children on a zoo trip anytime soon. He is seeking for a global boycott of the attractions,and even goes as far to compare the treatment of animals there to slavery. Simmons, 54, is currently in South Africa speaking to youth about entrepreneurship. He shared his visit to an African safari on his website, and posted photos of animals in their natural habitat in Royal Malewane at the Thornybush Nature reserve. In the post he also denounced the enslavement of animals in zoos and circuses. "As an animal rights activist I am well aware what a gift it is to see animals in their natural habitat vs. seeing captive animals in zoos, where they are deprived of everything natural to them, often suffering from a condition called 'zoochosis' -- we have all seen it," he wrote. "Zoo animals are enslaved for our entertainment, especially the traveling zoos where animals are usually kept in small concrete cages with near-constant confinement without being allowed to have appropriate social interaction with their families," said Simmons. "I realize how expensive this trip is for most people but its better they miss the firsthand experience and watch a nature show on TV, rather than teach kids that slavery of any kind is acceptable," he stated. Do you think Simmons is being a bit OD, or is he really on to something?

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