Warning! DJ Camilo Tells How To Get Into the New @ 2

Posted By: Crystal Be · 1/24/2012 1:54:00 PM

Every weekday at 2 pm DJ Camilo brings you the hottest new songs in the tri-state during his New @ 2.  This mix has become the mid-day destination for exclusives, world premieres, and general hot ish. Even though new music comes out daily, Camilo never fails to successfully separate what’s “new & hot” from what is simply new.


Ever wonder how he does it?


I caught up with him to find out. Plus he told me exactly what an indie artist would have to do to get on his radar.


Check out what he had to say below, and make sure to follow @ DJCamilo on twitter. 


CB: What kinds of things are you taking into consideration when you are putting together your New @ 2 mix everyday?

Camilo: “Hot songs, artists that people want to hear.  For example the new Rick Ross, the new Jay-Z, the new Jim Jones… what blogs are talking about out there.  There’s a lot of music that comes out, but not everything is hot, so I gotta pick and choose: the hot from the wack.”


CB: What would it take for you to drop an unsigned artist in your New @ 2 mix?

Camilo: He would have to be very, very big in the streets.  Like there has to be a buzz behind him.”


CB: How much buzz, how big?

Camilo: Big! Big where his mixtape is dropping and everybody in the streets is talking about it:  The blogs have got it up… the mixtape sites got it up as their hot shit of the week… There is probably a low probability that an unsigned artist will get on the New at 2 unless they got fire. 

For example French Montana.  He was an artists that was not signed that got played in the New @ 2 only because his buzz was so big in the street and he was working so hard and so many people were just loving his music just off the strength of the mixtape that he got a shot on the New @ 2.

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