4 Things Love & Hip Hop Taught Us About the Industry

Posted By: Crystal Be · 3/16/2012 5:57:00 PM

For two seasons we looked into the lives of East coast women who literally eat, sleep, and breathe music industry.  From your favorite rapper’s baby’s mother to an aspiring singer who literally slept on a dirty mattress, these women in hip hop kept us watching, laughing, and learning.  Below is a list of 4 things that VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop taught us about making it in the music industry.

# 1 - Don’t Get it Twisted: Your Clients are not your Friends.

In season 2 of the series, fans were introduced to Yandy Smith, the young, carefree manager of Jim Jines.  It wasn’t long after this introduction that the drama and tension between her and Jim’s now fiancé Chrissy Lampkin took center stage.  In the end Yandy resigned from her position and her and Jim parted ways.

 Despite the tremendous amount of love that had formed between Yandy, Jim, and his family, the truth of the matter was Yandy let her feelings affect her ability to successfully do business. 


#2 - You don’t always get a second, third, fourth, or fifth chance.

In between the cat fighting and relationship drama, viewers watched as Olivia opened about her frustrations with her lack of a record deal.  Even her manager Rich Dollaz got teary eyed about it a few times.  Despite being talented Olivia has failed to pop as a major artist.  Even though she has previously been signed to both J Records and G-Unit, mainstream hasn’t caught onto Olivia on a wide scale.  That is why viewers and Rich Dollarz dropped jaws when Olivia decided not to take the deal that EMI had offered her. 

 Olivia felt that she was worth way more money.  It isn’t our place to judge, but Rich made the point of reminding her that this is her third chance and most artists only get one (if even that).  For now she is continuing to go the indie route.  Lucky for her, technology has made it easier than ever.  Unfortunately for her, easier than ever, does not mean easy.  Only time and album sales will tell if for Olivia this time will be the charm.   


#3 - Hustle by any means necessary.

When your daughter-in-law to be calls you a psychotic bitch don’t cry about it.  Do like Mama Jones: make a catchy song and print a few thousand t-shirts.  Even if you spell psychotic wrong, run with it.  If you are confident and back up your confidence someone somewhere will believe and hopefully invest in you.


#4 - Timing is Everything.

According to girl code, Kimbella absolutely had to tell Emily B that Fab used to blow her back out.  Her decision to do so absolutely came from the right place.  However, nothing in the code says that she was supposed to do so in a room full of her friends, nor while in attendance of Emily’s “I am leaving the man who fathered my children but doesn’t claim me publically” party.  Because of this, girl code says that it was perfectly appropriate for Chrissy’s fist to deliver that “Seriously?!” to Kimbella’s face on behalf of her bestie.

 There is a time and a place for everything.  Whether it be a time to tell your new cast member her man was sleeping with you while she was sitting at home pregnant, or a time to bring up your music to that label rep or radio DJ, it is important to keep in mind that not every situation is an opportune moment.



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