Tips for men on how to bulk up like 50!

Posted By: Tricia Singh · 9/17/2012 6:08:00 PM

We saw another side of 50 Cent as he sat down with Oprah on the Own Network to talk about his life and music and we recently heard 50 on the Hot 97 airwaves talking to Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff about his career.  So we’ve heard all about his life, music and career, now let’s talk about 50’s physique!  Ladies may love it but men may be wondering how to be fit like 50.  Men have always been fascinated with how to lose fat, and build muscle, or to just bulk up.  Let’s review some bulking up basics for your arms to help get you started. 

There are different exercises that you can try at home on non consecutive days.  Personal trainer, Percell Smith, says to gain muscle mass he does repetitions of dips using a chair, bench, iron gym or he just does his dips on the floor.  He also adds military style push-ups to help build muscle with or without an iron gym.  Men can also grab some dumbbells, not necessarily heavy ones to start, and use the dumbbells to do triceps kickbacks, alternating curls, and hammer curls.  You can also use a barbell or dumbbells and try bench presses and straight curls.  Three sets of repetitions of 10-15 each is recommended. 

So here’s the rundown of what you can do:

You can add 20-30 minutes of cardio before your strength training workout to help you burn fat then do:



Triceps Kickbacks

Alternating Curls

Hammer Curls

Straight Curls

Bench Presses

After about 6-8 weeks of training your body may be used to the workout so you can try adding heavier weights or more repetitions.  To really maximize results research says to try to reach your ideal weight for a fitter, leaner body by consuming healthier meals.  You can also visit your doctor’s office to see what your ideal weight is, as you try to achieve your goal.  


*Always remember to consult with a physician before you try any exercises.

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