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Mary J Blige Discusses The Crispy Chicken Controversy For The First Time on The Angie Martinez Show [VIDEO]



It was the jingle heard around the world. The Queen of Hip Hop Soul has said very little about the whole crispy chicken controversy, but for the first time, Mary J. Blige breaks her silence on The Angie Martinez Show. 

About not speaking on the controversy

"There was no need for me to say anything, because everyone was running with it and just crucifying me. There was too much going on for me to stick my head out there and say anything. So I pulled back and watched everyone and everything."

About the backlash

"It's just something that i thought would been…a great branding opportunity. It never was a chicken commercial. It was about a sandwich. And I was singing about the ingredients. "

About being hurt by the naysayers

"The thing that hurt me was when people would say vicious things…it exposed everyone and everything that was in my life and showed me who my friends are… I wanted to crawl under the bed…"

 About industry 

"Busta hit me...Fat Joe  hit me and was like we don't care about that stupid chicken commercial…we know what you were trying to do…"

About the premise of the commercial

"It was sold to me that it would be shot in an iconic way. I would never just bust out singing about chicken and chicken wings. It hurt my feelings and crushed me for two days. "