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Busta Rhymes Understands Lil Wayne's Remark About NY "I Don't Ever Think You Should Apologize About How You Feel" [VIDEO]


Busta came to visit Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff to promote his new album "Year of the Dragon" wich is available for free on google.  But he couldn't dodge questions surrounding his interview with Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg and K. Foxx.  Earlier that morning, Busta went on air demanding that Rosenberg apologize for his comments about Nicki Minaj's song "Starships".  The comment was made way back at Summer Jam and we thought everyone had moved on.  We were wrong.  Rosenberg opted out of the apology and when Busta visited Angie later on that day, he defended his stance.  He also defended Lil Wayne's disdain for New York siting his own dislike for El Paso due to a run-in with the law.  When Angie asked Busta if Wayne should apologize for his remarks he replied "I dont ever think you should apologize about how you feel."  Wach what happened next below.