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'Chrissy & Mr. Jones' Talk New Show & 'Love & Hip Hop' Drama "There's No Beef" [VIDEO]


"Love & Hip Hop" kicked off two seasons ago with Chrissy as the breakout star of the show.  While the entire cast was entertaining, most people gravitated towards Chrissy because of her endearing personality and of course her ability to keep it real.  Most fans expected a season three of the show, which is rumored to be in the works but it won't include Chrissy or her boyfriend Jim Jones.  The two will actually be starring in a spin of show of their own called "Chrissy & Mr. Jones".  The first episode will air on Monday September 24th at 9:30pm and we got the scoop from Chrissy and Jim about why they chose to do their own show, who they brought along with them and what we can expect in the first season.  Watch as the couple fills in Angie and DJ Enuff below.