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CM Punk On Chris Brown "He's Acted As If Winning A Grammy Has Granted Him Immunity And Erased His Mistakes" [VIDEO]

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In lieu of Chris Brown's new grammy award and his collaboration with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, WWE wrestler and seven time world champion CM Punk, stirred the C. Breezy pot just a bit more.  CM Punk released a twit vid earlier this week expressing his disgust with Chris Brown's most recent twitter rants:

“I will choke you out and make you feel as weak and as powerless and scared and alone as any woman who's had the misfortune of knowing a sad cowardly little boy such as yourself.  The proceeds can go to a women's shelter of my choosing if you wanna pick up more trash on the side of the highway."


CM Punk expounds upon his remarks with Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg and K. Foxx on the morning show..."After the grammys just the way hes acted as if winning a grammy has granted him immunity and erased his mistakes...” says CM Punk.

Watch the interview for the full story and tell us your thoughts in the comment section.