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How Does Tyler The Creator Cope With Getting Jacked Up By Gucci Mane's Body Guard? He laughs About It [VIDEO]

Odd Future on HOT 97


Tyler The creater, Earl Sweatshirt, Syd The Kyd and the rest off the Odd Future Gang are in town on tour and decided to corrupt our Morning Show with streams of profanity and strange yet funny visuals.  Speaking of funny, Tyler got himself jacked up at a Gucci Mane concert.  Yup, apparently Gucci's people didn't recognize little Tyler as the front runner of OFWGKTA and tossed him in some obscure non-VIP location.  When Tyler came to, he was welcomed on stage with Gucci Mane.  Eh, we don't tell it as well as he did.  Watch the video to get the enitre scoop and see Earl Sweatshirt in his first interview. Ever.