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Robin Thicke Talks Drug Charge, White America & 'Duets' Show With Angie Martinez [VIDEO]

Robin Thicke on The Angie Martinez Show


Robin Thicke paid the HOT 97 studios a visit in preparation for the premiere of his new 'Duets' show on ABC.  Here he talks to Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff about the show, his drug charge, him being a smooth operator and connecting with his white audience. 


On how wife, Paula Patton handles his ‘smooth operations’ (flirting)

No cuz with my wife I’m more like “Hey baby can I do anything?  Whats going on? You okay?  Can I get you something?”  We have so much in common that we both understand. 


On new Duets show on ABC

When they called me and asked me if I’d be interested in it, the thing that I liked about it is that I’d get to sing on very show.  I wouldn’t be comfortable just sitting there playing the role.  But I was like man this would be a great chance for me to get my music out to middle America and introduce myself to people that probably don’t know who I am.   Like white people, you know what I mean. 


On his audience and other white people

They don’t understand me.  I’ve been doing interviews this week with other radio stations.  Like, country even.  They’re just like ‘We don’t understand how a white guy who’s Allan Thicke’s son could sing that soulfully.  It just doesn’t make sense.”  Like they can’t buy into it.  You know what I mean?


On behaving himself once he accesses middle-American fan base

I know that’s what my dad said.  He’s like “You know this television, you don’t have to be dangerous on television. 


On cutting back on the scotch on prime-time

Well, I have a big cup.  It’s a big cup so they can’t see what’s in it. 


On his drug-possession charge

It will be dropped shortly.