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Waka Doesn't Like Degrading Women Because Of Daughter "If I Make It Cool To Degrade Women, She Gon Be Like ‘Damn, My Ni**a Could Degrade Me.” [VIDEO]

Waka Flocka Flame On HOT 97


As Waka said in his recent interview with Angie Martinez, you learn something new every day!  Today we learned that Waka Flocka Flame has a step daughter named Charlie for whom he cares very dearly.  He went on to tell us how she impacts his decisions when speaking about women in his music.  Among talks of home and Triple F Life, Waka also chimed in on the whole Summer Jam 2012 drama between Nicki Minaj and Peter Rosneberg. 

On his home life:

That rappin’ out the window when I go home.  Over wit.   My step daughter and my girl.  I don’t have kids of my own.  That’s my daughter.  That’s my baby.  It’s mines.  That’s why I don’t like degrading women though.  Because if I degrade women, she’s gonna grow up and listen to that.  If I make it cool to degrade women, she gon be like ‘Damn, my ni**a could degrade me.”


On Summer Jam performance:

Summer Jam was crazy.  I aint gon lie.  I never be nervous to get on stage in my life. But you get on stage for Summer Jam for some reason its like “If you mess up today, its over for you for the rest of the year.”  Whoever choke on Summer Jam its over for them.  Imma give em a real show though watch.  Imma kill Summer Jam.  I be seeing a lot of people saying they killed Summer Jam and it be the same basic stuff.  I got a show next time.  Watch.  Aint no telling what Imma do.  I’m a wild boy. 


On Summer Jam debacle with Nicki Minaj and Rosenberg:

I caught it at the end.  I was gone.  I don’t get into people problems but that’s crazy though.  I call it constructive criticism.  That’s it.  I would’ve went hard as hell on stage.  I would’ve made my own T-shirt like “F**k that person” on the T-shirt “This show is dedicated to you.”