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Rick Ross Explains How He Recruits Talent + Meek Mill Explains Involvement In Drake Vs. Chris Brown Club Brawl [VIDEO]



MMG visited the Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Morning Show with newest recruit, Omarion in tote.  Many people questioned Rick Ross'  decision in bringing 'Maybach O' on-board.  Here, Rozay explains his tactics for gathering and selecting talent.  He's obviously got a knack for picking artists with crazy potential so watch as he explains how he works his magic. 

Rick Ross on what he looks for in an MMG recruit.

The amount of emotion and the impact they could possibly have.  Now its just about bringing it out.  We get in the studio and we find ways to do it.  I’m not gone say its easy but it works.


On selecting label-mates that could possibly be his competition.

I want to see everybody shine to the fullest extent of their potential.  Regardless if it surpasses what I’ve done times ten.  That’s what I want to see. 


On rumor that Rockie Fresh will join MMG.

Shout out to the homie Rockie Fresh.  I’m a fan of his music but as of right now he’s not a member of MMG.  We forever evolving.  But I love to focus on the homies that we have here.  We gone see a lot more from Gunplay.  Everybody else keep grinding.  When they time comes, they’ll step up to the plate.  I’m with it.


 On where Gunplay fits into the MMG family.

He been down with me from day one.  So he’s already in the team.  He’s already good.  It was just whenever he was ready to make the decision that ‘I’mma leave these streets alone just a little bit more with time enough just to focus on my music.’  You know what I’m saying.  Gunplay is a different kind of artist.  He’s a different kind of dude.  He don’t care about awards.  He don’t care about whoever.  He not into that.  But he’s just making his mind up that he really getting ready to put out a solo album.  So you could expect a big announcement real soon.  I wanna see the homie dreams come true too. 


 Wale on what Ross has given him as a mentor.

Motivation.  He’s one of them people that if he knows I’m going through something mentally, he might just be like ‘Yo fly out to Miami real quick.’  He’ll have the car waiting and we might just go down to the mall.  We’ll just smoke out and he’ll just talk to me about life and then we record four or five songs.  Or he might just send me a text like dog, let’s get in the studio.  I’ll just think he’s working me to death.  Then I look up and have mad songs.  He’ll be like ‘I told you.’ 


Meek Mill on what its like to hang out with Rick Ross in person.

You can look at us and see.  Signed to Ross you aint just on the back burner.  He love to see you shine.  I think Ross get a kick out of seeing us shine. 



You know what weird though?  Cuz I know so many people in the industry.  Its just weird that you meet somebody that is selfless.  It’s so crazy. 


Meek Mill:

A lot of these rappers could do way more for their artist.  They hot.  If they’re poppin’ you could give your artist the alley-oop right there.


Rick Ross on the public’s reaction to Maybach O joining MMG.

I don’t really acknowledge that.  I don’t see that because if I listen to speculation or what somebody else had to say, we wouldn’t be the empire we at today.  I don’t hear nothing outside our room.  Once we make up our decisions, once we decide the moves we gone make, that’s what it’s gone be.  We haven’t made no mistakes yet. 


Meek Mill on leaving street life behind. 

I’m in the streets.  Somebody could get killed down the block.  I aint got nothing to do with that.  Its media now it’s a whole different level.  I’m on probation and people be throwing your name in all types of s***.  I could go see my p.o. and get booked on s*** I aint got nothing to do with. 


On Drake and Chris Brown fight at Whip nightclub.

I just be in the building.  We was just having a good time.  I’m not known for fighting or throwing no bottles.  I don’t got no problems with Chris Brown or Drake.  They all good.  They making their music.  I’m living life.  I’m coming from a whole different total angle.  I’m just happy to be here.  I like to pop bottles.  I’m talking spend money.  Spend 50 thousand and live.  I barely even drink champagne.  I just like to live the life and do the things we talking about and have fun. 


French Montana on why he’s always with MMG.

I’m MMG, I’m Interscope. I’m Bad Boy.  It’s a family.  It’s bigger than music.  Its bigger than anything, it’s a family.