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Nas Talks Divorce From Kelis With Funkmaster Flex: "She Caught A Bad Rap In The Whole Thing--It Wasn't Fair" [VIDEO]

Nas On HOT 97


"Life Is Good" caused quite a stir before the album even dropped.  Nas' tenth studio album was recorded amidst Nas' nasty (no pun intended), and highly publicized divorce from singer, Kelis.  The buzz escalated even more when Nas revealed the cover art for the project where he sat decked out in an all white suit with Kelis' famous green wedding dress draped over his lap.  Fast-forward to album release day and Nas came to the studios to sit down with Funkmaster Flex.  Watch as Nas explains how things fell apart between he and ex-wife, Kelis.


On whether or not he informed Kelis that he’d use her famous green wedding dress on “Life Is Good” album cover.


I think I told her about two weeks before it went out.  The artwork was done two weeks before it went out.  First she was like ‘Are you dissing me?’ I’m like ‘Come on man. We grown.’  There was a time when it was turmoil and I did not try to play you.  I’m just showing what people know.  They know we split and the divorce was public.  People know about it.  Actually, I knew it wasn’t the total dress, but it was a part of the dress.  That was left in the crib.  Like, I think in the Vh1, I said um ‘She took everything out the house except the dress.’  That’s not true, she didn’t take everything out the house.  It was just pictures missing, things we both shared that had sentimental value that was gone… the dress was in the closet.  That part of the dress was still in the closet.  So the movers left it.  Cuz when I walked in the crib, I aint been in a while and I looked and I saw what things that she took with her.  I cleared out the house before too.  She wasn’t at the L.A. crib and I just cleared it out over a beef—took all my stuff.  I’m getting personal here but this is what it is.  I did it too, so you know what I’m saying.  I guess that was the final thing.  That’s when it was really final.  You know, she had to remove her stuff and that was left there.


On not letting his and Kelis’ past taint their memories or sentiments toward each other.


I wanna say, honey is a great girl.  She caught a bad rap in the whole thing.  It wasn’t fair, Flex.  I love people that ride with me.  Cuz people had to split sides.  Her friends had to go with her and my friends…you know what I’m saying?  But, at the end of the day I think they were too harsh.  People didn’t really understand.  It’s in a better place.  It took a while to get there.  Of course you only see what the media put out there.  We had some of the biggest divorce lawyers in L.A.—it shouldn’t have happened like that.  We didn’t know any better.  I wanted to handle it outside of court.  When you’re dealing with divorce and there’s a lot of anger, there’s hurt, you don’t wanna hear what the next person is saying.  You think that person is trying to take you down so you go and grab the best representation you can get.  What we realized later, we didn’t have to go at it like that.  We’re in a much better place.  Thank God.