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Community PSAS

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Take a Stand Stop Bullying

The bullying prevention is targeting parents to address one of the most important issues facing our children today. This growing epidemic is affecting 13 million children. 1 in 4 children a year experience some form of bullying. We should live in a bully-free and safe environment. For more information visit stop to learn more about safe and simple ways your child can be more than a bystander. A message from the ad council. Read More...

Help the children of the Caribbean Community

Every year 400 children are born with an inherited heart defect in Jamaica. These children rarely are given the care they need due to lack of service on the island. Chain of hope, gift of life international and Caribbean heart menders have partnered with the shaggy foundation in Jamaica to ensure that when a child in Jamaica is born with a heart defect, that resources to get the vital medical treatment that they desperately need are available. Funds for surgeries, a new cardiac unit, and vital medical equipment are needed. These children need your help so now is the time to build the pediatric cardiology wing at the Bustamante hospital in Kingston Jamaica. Jamaica needs to become the center of cardiac excellence for the children of the Caribbean. To help: text “hearts” to 52000 to make a donation today. Read More...

Black College Tour

Calling all high school students! Want to be apart of the Black College Tour and check out the school of your choice? Call 516-733-0442 for more info!   Read More...