Ralph McDaniels

Whether he is on TV, radio, film or behind the scenes, Ralph McDaniels has been a part of the Hip Hop movement from day one. In a time before MTV and BET, Uncle Ralph was the first VJ to cater exclusively to the Hip Hop community with his ground-breaking TV show Video Music Box. The show still plays the popular Hip Hop videos to this day. It has been airing every week for the past 23 years!

His accomplishments have spilled all over the entertainment business, from Video Music Box archives to major motion pictures such as Juice and Who's The Man?, to his own clothing store in Brooklyn. Last summer, Uncle Ralph hosted New York City Parks Concert Series, featuring Hip Hop legends Slick Rick, Grandmaster Flash, Whodini and more. He's also featured on The Coast 2 Coast Hip Hop Countdown as well as his own classic Hip Hop music video show, The Bridge". Hip Hop has definitely grown with the help of Uncle Ralph.   Tune in to this visionary on HOT 97, and watch the 25th anniversary of the Legendary Video Music Box on WNYE-TV.