B Martin

Brendan Martin, AKA B. Martin, was first exposed to the rap scene in his junior year of high school in Colonie, NY. He was focused mainly on his grades, but couldn’t resist cultivating his newfound love for the lyric and flow that good rap is known for. Pretty soon, he conquered his high school rap scene and brought his following with him to college at SUNY Albany. Using social networking sites like Facebook to update his fans on shows and new music, his rising popularity led him to win the Battle
of the Bands at SUNY Albany.

This opened doors for Martin, giving him the opportunity to perform at many more venues and open for key artists such as J Cole, Fabolous, Steve Aoki and Young Jeezy, to name a few. At the same time, he was maintaining a 4.0 in Albany’s business school and traveling to third world countries like Ecuador on humanitarian missions. With boundless energy and dynamic drive, Brendan managed to hit several high marks in his relatively short career, holding his own in an arena that not many white artists found success.     

In late 2011, B. Martin signed with Phase One Network, a label distributed through Sony /RED. Shortly after, he released his highly anticipated mix CD “Ladies & Gentlemen” & “B. Martin: Pre-Mixtape” to rave reviews. Fans can expect to hear much more from this rising star, as B. Martin will release his latest single "Swoosh" from his forthcoming “Music, Love, Enemies” mixtape, in addition to national tour dates. His genuine attitude and undeniable charm only add to his accomplishments, making B. Martin a complete package filled with superstar potential.