Fred the Godson

Known for his sick lines and smooth flow, Bronx native Fred the Godson, has assured that hip hop is still alive.  Born into a household filled with hip hop and r&b Fred also known as Fredrick Thomas, was won over as soon as he was introduced to music. Listening to the newest and hottest tracks his father brought home, at only eight years old,  Fred fell in love with music and dreamed of becoming a rapper.    

Fred began free-styling in his young high school days, instantly winning over everyone with his quick witted lyrics. Overcoming hardships and tragedies off the streets of the South Bronx, Fred came a long way and became an exceptional lyricist, winning the award for Best Male Rapper at the 2007 Underground Music Awards.   

Receiving the name "Hip Hop's Messiah," Fred has gained the respect of music industries toughest critics. With a huge mass of fan base and successful mix tapes, Fred having such versatility and talent, he assures that "the Bronx is back!" and it looks like it is here to stay.