The Future of Media Web sites
What is the HOT 97 Web site?
It's a site that extends our HOT 97 brand to create a compelling local lifestyle portal. In simple terms: It's a destination.

200,000+ HOT 97 Email Click Members
50% male-50% female; primarily 18-34 isn't just about the radio station - it's about the Lifestyle

HIP HOP, Music, Clubs, Sports, Video, New Releases, Weather, News, Movies, Downloads, Restaurants, & Events

The Advertising Campaign Never Stops!
•$2 million in on-air advertising campaign with 84 promos weekly
•Reinforced at HOT 97 events and in all print/outdoor advertising

HOT 97 and - Perfect Complements!

  • Reinforcement of the P-1 listener with audio and visual
  • Both are open 24/7
  • extends the reach of the radio station
  • finishes what HOT 97 starts - it's visual, tangible, targetable, interactive and transactional
Now Advertisers have the ability to interact and transact at the consumer's peak time of interest!


Advertise online with!
HOT 97 is increasing its marketing potential for your advertising needs by offering an integrated marketing solution. This integrated solution will help your company succeed in reaching your target audience in the New York Metro!

The relationship between radio and the internet presents an unprecedented opportunity-a visual component to your audio campaign. By combining radio and internet advertising you are able to extend your campaign reach, substantially increase your message frequency, maintain awareness between campaigns, maximize your advertising investment and reach the consumers on the go and on the information Super Highway!

Consumers spend 85% of their time with ear-oriented media, such as Radio, but spend only 15% of their time with such eye-oriented media as newspapers and magazines.

Yet, advertisers spend 55% of their dollars on eye-oriented media and only 45% on ear-oriented media.(Source: RAB, 2000)

What does This Mean?
Since marketing is a matter of successfully creating a positive association for your product(s) or service(s) in the mind of the consumer, it is crucial to any marketing campaign that it includes audio and visual components. HOT 97's integrated media marketing can help your company achieve both. offers your company several different options- interactive, radio and integrated solutions. We create packages that allow the advertiser to reach their target effectively through Sponsorships, Feature Placements and Listings, Interactive Contest and Advertorials. In addition, we offer a variety of packaged and customizable elements to meet your advertising needs.

We even have a database solution, which allows the advertiser to establish personalized communication with 200,000 potential consumers (and that does not include pass along and printing of the message).

Hear It…
See It…
Get It!!

For More Information contact Emmis New York 1 (877) Emmis-NY or 1 (877) 366.4769 or email