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HipHopGamer Ft. On GameSpot

Oculus Creator: You'll Understand Why The Facebook Deal Makes Sense A Year From Now

HipHopGamer interviewed Palmer Luckey, the founder of OculusVR Inc., during PAX East 2014. Palmer told HipHopGamer that "he (Luckey) would have been skeptical about the deal, too, if he were just an average person." Read more...

HipHopGamer Gaming News: Microsoft Continues Xbox One Update

This time, will you get the update you need?

Microsoft is doing another round of updates for the Xbox One systems, but as we've seen and experienced the updates can be useless. Our boy, Nino broke down the newest updates to be released. To view the complete breakdown visit the HipHopGamer website. Read more...

Cipha Sounds X Drewski "Banned From Radio" F/ Maino,Bodega Bamz, Chinx, Troy Ave, Mack Wilds, CBD [VIDEO]

t's finally here! Check out our very own Cipha Sounds and Drewski's music video for "Banned From Radio" featuring Maino,... Read more...

HipHopGamer Game Review: 2014 FIFA World Cup

Is it the same or better than FIFA '13??

The World Cup is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing: a NEW FIFA GAME. Take a look as HipHopGamer INC. explores the brand new features, new game modes, better graphics, and a whole new game experience. Read the in-depth review on the HipHopGamer website by my boy, David Wall. Read more...

HipHopGamer x PAX East ‘14: Ubisoft's "The Crew" PC Impressions [VIDEO]

Straight from PAX East '14

HipHopGamer just came back from PAX East 2014! Check out your boy's first impressions of the title “The Crew”, the latest driving game with the craziest racing features. For more game news and exclusive interviews, stay posted on the official HipHopGamer website. Read more...

HipHopGamer Ft. On 16orBetter Cypher [VIDEO]

HipHopGamer Drops His Bars on Young Jack Thriller's 16orBetter Cypher

HipHopGamer & OculusVR Founder @ PAX East '14 [VIDEO]

What did Palmer Luckey have to say about Facebook buying OculusVR out?!

Check out HipHopGamer interview Palmer Luckey from this year's PAX East 2014 in Boston. Read more...

HipHopGamer Gaming News: Super Smash Bros.

Check out the Newest Additions to the Game!

Super Smash Bros. release date is approaching! Get ready for brand new battles with new characters, challengers, and multi-player capabilities. Although there were new additions, some things were left behind. To see what's up with the new game visit the HipHopGamer website. Read more...

HipHopGamer Shots Fired: OculusVR VS The Haters [VIDEO]

What's up with the $2B Deal?

Check out HipHopGamer talk about the recent billion dollar breaking news of Facebook buying the Oculus VR. Virtual reality is a growing industry and there's definitely a lot of opinions out there about this uprising global advancement. For all things gaming and Hip Hop visit the HipHopGamer website. Read more...

Freddie Gibbs X HipHopGamer FACE OFF on Rockstar Games

Who won the Battle?!

Freddie Gibbs dropped by Rockstar NYC with some other members of his ESGN Crew to take on HipHopGamer and his crew.They faced off in some recently Verified GTA Online Jobs and more. The day was chock full of spirited battle and smack talk.Did HipHopGamer defend his reputation? Find out via Rockstar or Twitch livestream! Also catch the battle at the HipHopGamer website!! Read more...