All Things HOT


We don't promote violence but we do side with Chrissy in this particular instance.  On a random outing, Kimbella takes it upon herself to tell Emily that 'she's proud' that she and Fab are separating.  She then pairs that back handed support with a severe blow to Emily's relationship by telling her that she (Kimbelly or whatever) and Fabolous dated 3 years ago...while Emily was pregnant with their son.  The clip then fast-forwards to Kim calling Chrissy's bluff and inviting Chrissy to get up during the argument.  Chrissy then puts her money where her mouth is (lol) and lands a carefully aimed blow to Kim's mouth.  Followed by a few more blows to the head and a foot to the stomach.  Kim surely was dizzy after this scuffle. Of course Emily is in tears at the end of this debacle. Take a look at the clip to see the line-up of ass-whoopings this Kim chick has in store.  Hilarity!