Album Review: Big Boi Demonstrates What Happens When Rappers Forget They Belong To A Genre On "Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors" [AUDIO]

Its what the game has been missing.  Big Boi's latest project captures the essence of Outkast's weirdo style but as usual remains true to hip hop's definitive sound.  The music is futuristic while he incorporates some elements that will no doubt be reminiscent of the decade.  While Big Boi has never conformed to the sometimes very restrictive hip hop trends, you can tell that on this album he's been more influenced by the indie sound.  If you could just imagine the music of maybe Deathcab for Cutie mixed with a bit of Santigold and then placed as the backdrop for Big K.R.I.T....let it marinate.  Hell, this album is such a mix-up that you might even add your own ingredient in it's description.  Its just that dynamic.  Analogy (if you will):  Cooking a meal and throwing in  all of your favorite spices, vegetables, meats, dressings, toppings from all the different food groups and still producing a masterpiece.  Yep.  That's what I got.  Its classically smooth as we've all come to expect from Big Boi with some upbeat tracks.  Its smoke music.  It's turn up music.  It's f*** music.  Big Boi demonstrates what happens when artists forget they belong to a genre.  Big Boi pulls from a large elaborate palate and all of it will be available for you on December 11th.