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For many it seems like just the other day that Biggie was murdered.  Now, in the year of 2012, the autopsy report has been made public.  Not that anybody needed to know which bullet killed him, but this will suffice until the authorities find the killer. 


-- Gunshot #1 struck Wallace in the left forearm and traveled down to his wrist. 
-- Gunshot #2 struck Wallace in the back, missed all vital organs, and exited through his left shoulder. 
-- Gunshot #3 struck Wallace on his outer left thigh and exited through his inner left thigh. 

The reports says ... after Gunshot #3 exited the thigh, "the projectile strikes the left side of the scrotum, causing a very shallow, 3/8 inch linear laceration."

The fatal bullet was Gunshot #4 ... which entered Wallace's body through his right hip and ripped its way through several vital organs ... before coming to rest in his left shoulder area. 

According to the report, the bullet went through Big's colon, liver, heart and the upper lobe of his left lung.