All Things HOT

From Left: Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo, Gloria Govan and Draya Howard
We all get a kick out of these reality wives during the season but the reunion...oh the reunion! That's where we find out how the girls REALLY feel. This season on Basketball Wives L.A. we met two additional cast members.  Draya brought on her fellow urban model friend Brooke Burke and Malaysia brought on her long time friend Bambi.  The drama was already at a low boil between the two new ladies but the girls managed the move past the beef for the sake of the show.  What most of us didn't see coming was a fall out between Draya and Brooke.  The two argued for what seemed like the entire season over an on set disagreement during a photo shoot.  Petty.  It seems to us.  But to Brooke, it was a very BIG deal.  Watch as she and Draya finally resolve their issues, Gloria faces rumors of her being a h** and Jackie and Laura continue their battle.  Check out the best moments of the reunion show part one below. 

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