Erica Mena Is The Root Of All Drama In Episode 3 Of Love & Hip Hop [VIDEO]

Oh boy! Love & Hip Hop Season 3 is off to an interesting start to say the very least.  Rich is still "knocking down" (Liv's words) Erica Mena and it would seem he is whipped off the loud-mouth, video vixen box.  This truth alone is having a ripple effect on the entire cast.
One, Rich wants Olivia and Erica to do a record and Liv is not having it.  She asserts that she will not mess up the brand on account of Rich's addiction to ratchet p****.  Watch the clip below. 


Problems between Erica and Olivia come to a head when the two cross paths at Yandy's jewelry party.  Erica, being the hot head that she is, decided this was the right place and time to confront Olivia about taking a picture with "Sumo Somaya Reece" (Erica's words).  Needless to say, things got a bit heated.

In other Erica news, the girl is beefing with her "friend" Lorel. For those of you that aren't familiar with Lorel, she's an up and coming rapper from NYC. Erica wanted to do a track with her and Rich shot it down.  The issue then erupted into a big fight in Episode two where Erica and Loral were on the verge of blows. Below, Erica "makes" Lorel sit down with her to discuss the issue.  

So, I think I covered all the Erica drama. Moving right along, Joe Budden had some apologizing to do as it relates to Raqi Thunda.  In the beginning of the season I was a bit skeptical of Raqi but nothing warranted the way Joe Budden treated her in both episodes one and two.  Here, he tricks her into meeting with him and then tries to play like he doesn't want to make a mense (Just want to "apologize").  Check it out below. 

Bonus Clip: Is Raqi Thunda secretly in love with Joe Budden?