Comic Con 2013 Recap

Comic Con 2013

They’re in only one place to find all your favorite superheroes, stars from TV and film, and meet your idols in the field of animation and imagination. That place is New York comic con. Since it’s first appearance at the Javitts center in 2006, one thing was clear. If you are a nerd, geek, artist, otaku, gamer, comic book fan or a fan of multiple varieties of sci-fi from Doctor Who to Farscape, this is the place to find at least one person who shares that fandom. And the convention has only grown since the first year, where it was basically just the one huge room and the bottom floor, to incorporating the entire Javitts center.

This year’s comic con was madness. With about 133,000 comic book and anime fans flowing through the building, most cosplaying as their favorite characters of so many kinds of books and shows it’d make your head go wibbley wobbly (doctor who reference.) Walk the main floor and you’ll find hundreds of people with different variations of Batman, Spiderman, Naruto, Wolverine, wonder woman and more, all with various levels of work put into them. The booths were also amazing with a lot of opportunities to meet your favorite stars from TV as well as meet the artists in artist alley, collect the most rare of memorabilia and receive loads of free stuff. While on the floor you had the opportunity to try out and get information on the next generation of games with hip-hop gamer (cant figure out a way to relate this to hot97, don’t know the capacity in which he works with us), and meet the great Stan “the man” Lee. However, the con isn’t just about the main floor, it’s about the panels.  With panels ranging from comedy shows to screening movies and episodes of shows yet to come,  there was never a dull moment throughout the whole weekend.