The Kid Daytona Hosts "Runnin' With The Bulls" Listening Session In Chelsea [PHOTO]

Bronx born The Kid Daytona hosted a listening session for his latest project "Running With The Bulls" in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood last night.  The vibe was really chill.  Everyone snacked on pizza and Crown Royal while Daytona took the floor to give supporters a real taste of what this tape was all about.  

The title, "Running With The Bulls" is obviously paying homage to the basketball team which was Daytona's favorite as a kid.  Their legacy is one he aspires to.  First introductions came from a member of Daytona's team that said his sound on the tape is reminiscent of HOV on "Reasonable Doubt".  

The Kid is no doubt keeping it strictly NY while moving around the country and tapping in acts from all over for a vibe that is truly a breathe of fresh air.  The tape features Chance The Rapper, GLC, YP, Broadway, Naledge and J Dot Trife.  All these features are up and coming MCs so the sound is new and fresh.  The beats are current with the sound in hip hop right now.  You can tell this was a lyrical and feel good project more so than a "Oh I wanna try and be different" type thing.  


Watch the video for "No Reason" of the EP