J. Cole Puts Mind Over Matter On Sophomore Album "Born Sinner" [VIDEO]

Cole fans were all smiles yesterday as they headed out in eight different cities to attend his listening session powered by a new app called LISNR.  The app allows you to stream music with little to no hassle provided you attend the designated event.   Attendees were equipped with headsets, chargers, splitters, snacks and the cherry on top, Born Sinner.  

Cole made a brief introduction of his sophomore album focusing on one solitary song called "Let Nas Down".  Most Cole fans know that his career has been riddled with an internal struggle of staying true to self while prospering in the rap game.  In the brief story, Cole explained how he was at the drawing board repeatedly trying to get a hit that was right for radio.  Pressed for time and in an attempt to strike while the iron was hot, he sat with Jay, played him different songs and finally he came up with Workout.  He thought he had made "the one".  When the song caught fire, Cole learned that one of his rap idols, Nas, was disappointed in the song and was critical of Cole's new sound. 

Much like the entire album, the song speaks to Cole's internal turmoil as a lyrical and somewhat conscious MC versus his intense desire to dominate the charts while adhering to what is now the industry's norm of conforming to "ratchet rap" or "swag rap".  

Born Sinner is melodic, the beats won't overtake you, but relax you and put you in a frame of mind where you can focus on the substance of each track and the album as a whole.  The album includes features from Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, TLC, 50 Cent, Jhene Aiko and more.

There was lots of head bobbing, outbursts of joy and praise for Cole during this listening session.  No doubt fans around the globe will have the same reaction come June 18th.  

Good job Cole.  Watch Cole's introduction of the album below. 

 Part I


Part II


"Born Sinner" track listing