All Things HOT


Jimmy Fallon will be taking over the most coveted seats in late night talk shows – The Tonight Show on NBC.

Jimmy has big shoes to fill; having to take over the spot that the late Johnny Carson and current host Jay Leno have but it’s something he said he’s ready and excited for. Not only will Fallon move into this new position and move the show from LA to NY, but he’s also announced that he will be taking his band, The Roots, with him! This makes The Roots the first hip hop house band ever in Tonight Show history.

Seth Meyers will take over “Late Night” as Jimmy Fallon and The Roots transition into their new primetime slot. You can see the brand new Tonight Show on Feb. 17 at midnight right after the Winter Olympics with guest appearances by Will Smith and rock group, U2.

Congrats to The Roots for making TV history and a big belated Happy Birthday shout out to Questlove.