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HipHopGamer: Game Night w/ Julian Talley

Is Julian Talley's future bright?

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the New York Giants.. but more specifically though, Julian Talley, the wide receiver for the team. Not as well-known, but deserving of an equal amount of respect, is his PR representative, Nick Slay. Slay is confident that his client, Julian Talley, is going to destroy the competition this year. Slay believes that with the right amount of coverage, Talley could become one of the biggest names in the NFL.

First off, Number 19, Julian Talley, tells HipHopGamer in Studio 21 in the greatest city in the world, New York City, about the appreciation he feels towards the attendees of #GAMENIGHT.

HipHopGamer then delves into the interview asking Talley what fans of the Giants first say when they meet him. Talley responds with the typical, “What happened last year?” referring to the less than stellar past season the Giants had. Brushing it off, Talley responds with “Listen. Last year is over and done with, we need to focus on the big things that are going to happen this season. New Faces, new offense, and some explosive playmakers.”

Talley then discusses his journey through life working a typical 9-5 job like so many other people. But unlike most of those people, he is now playing for the New York Giants. Talley fist thanks God for all the good things that happened in his life. Overcoming injuries that had him home-ridden for about 2 months, he joined a 9-5 job at a mortgage company, and eventually joined an arena football team in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where he was then picked up by the New York Giants.

Shying away from football, Talley’s PR representative Nick Slay and HipHopGamer discuss Julian Talley as a person. Slay says that Talley deserves all the attention and love he got from his fans because he genuinely believes in Julian Talley. Growing up in the shadow of the Meadowlands, he is now playing for one of the biggest football teams in the world. The praise continues as Slay says Talley overcame obstacles people face every day to become a household name, and if he could do it, don’t be put down by anyone ever saying you cannot fulfill your dreams. Talley made his dreams come true.

Being on the field is tremendously different than being on the sidelines. Talley says that it is an “indescribable feeling to have some of the best athletes in the world confined in a 100 yard field, but like everything else, if you prepare right, put in the time and effort, you’ll be successful. But it’s not easy. If it was, everybody would do it.

The mindset of Talley or any football player on the field sometimes accounts more than physical, brute strength. Talley learned how to craft his mindset by being around many talented people, watching and learning from great influences including Victor Cruz and Charlie Collins, Chad Ochocinco’s coach.

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