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The Story: Sleeping Dogs debuted as a #1 hit on the charts in the UK which led to worldwide sales close to 2 million copies sold and some very happy gamers.

Releasing a few pieces of content via DLC has kept the franchise afloat and it gets better and better. With the new Playstation 4 and Xbox One the stakes has been risen for this franchise and multi-player appears to be heavy in the next iteration of Sleeping Dogs.

The Core: In October 2013 it was confirmed that the next Sleeping Dogs would be revealed in 2014 to the public but now it appears that a few new details has surfaced about the game.

(Square/United Front Games Has Not Confirmed This Yet)

Story Mode will feature co-op gameplay Option to choose what martial art you want to use then you level up that paticular art, rumored you can choose up to 3 styles at once. This combat scheme will keep a large variety of ways to play and maintain a fresh feel of fighting through out the game

The graphical detail aimed for this game will surpass Infamous Second Son especially the emphasis on combat and broken bones kinda like the X-Ray kills in Mortal Kombat.

The enviornment once again will play a huge role in gameplay but this time the kills will be more graphic, as well as the gun play mechanics.

Territories is rumored to be some sort of online gameplay mode where you have your team of friends to take over the largest part of the city in a certain amount of time, this sounds extremely fun and addicting

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The Wrap-Up: These features and just the fact that Sleeping Dogs 2 will be revealed this year is enough to get everyone excited. Do you all think that this game can truly surpass Infamous Second Son? Do you think this game can sell 3 million copies plus considering it's a new generation? Speak on it please leave comments

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