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Naughty Dog is the definition of the word LEGENDARY.

Uncharted 4 In-Engine trailer debuted at E3 2014 and it was Biblical. This game appears to be the end of a franchise and it's going out with more than just a bang.

The visual fidelity by far is beyond anything ever seen running in real-time on a console let alone the PC graphics arena as well.

Naughty Dog has propelled to the top of the graphical food chain and what was discovered at E3 was the fact that this was an early build, testers have already played the game and it's been like this for almost a years time.

Uncharted 4 is scheduled for a 2015 release and any one that owns a HDTV that's a gamer will need to have this epic franchise in their gaming collection.

Playstation 4 continues to push the envelope and the scary question is this, how much further will games go visually after seeing Uncharted 4 this early in the systems life cycle.

PC was always considered the best place to play games because of the ability to always upgrade the specs.

Although this is a true statement can the PC pull off Uncharted 4 graphics, sure it can but has it been done and is there anyone talented enough to do so other than Naughty Dog on the PC exclusively, that remains to be seen.

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