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Brendan Iribe is the CEO of the Oculus VR movement and after securing a $2 Billion investment from facebook you would think that everything is done and ready to go correct? but no not exactly.

Oculus VR is still interested in looking for partnerships and after the direct competition from Sony with the Playstation Morpheus could Microsoft jump in and utilize this opportunity for the Xbox One?

In truth yes, there's rumors that Microsoft was and is considering the jump to Virtual Reality considering they have the Kinect already in place for that move to happen.

Oculus VR is solely paying attention to the PC market but how long will and could that last? PC is a great niche market it's great for customizing your performance but it's not a universal product that's user friendly like a console.

That very reason could create a transition for the Oculus VR brand to move over to the console arena eventually after the initial PC take over.

This is where Microsoft comes in, simply cause Oculus VR is ready to go with the money behind them with Xbox One on board as a potential partner it's a win win for each party involved.

Oculus VR will have the opportunity to be a strong force in the PC and Console spaces which will make the Facebook investment people extremely happy along side Xbox One having the edge being able to compete in the VR space against their rival Sony as well as servicing the PC market in which Microsoft already has a major stronghold.

This could be the partnership that CEO Brendan Iribe is truly looking for.

Leave your comments below. Do you think Microsoft will get in bed with Oculus?


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