All Things HOT


Beginning today, OnLive and Wikipad are teaming up to offer a great bundle for gamers: 20% off the purchase of a Wikipad ($199 to $159 with free shipping), plus a free month of PlayPack and CloudLift from OnLive, giving players access to over 250 games and their digital game library to play on the move. That means, not only can players access their OnLive account while on the go, they can access other digital libraries on the go as well (like STEAM!!!!).

The Wikipad is a full-featured 7’’ Android tablet designed for gamers and comes complete with a detachable dual-analog stick controller, and with the addition of the OnLive Game Service, AAA PC games can be streamed to this hand-held device, essentially making it a portable high-end gaming PC.

In the US, users can go to This is a link to and enter the promo code E3WIKIPAD to receive the discount and free gaming from OnLive.

CloudLift is also now $7.95 a month with access now to 50 games.