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Shenmue is a legendary franchise that has a worldwide cult following.

Since it's debut on the Sega Dreamcast fans have been addicted to the story, the gameplay, the characters, and more.

Yu Suzuki is extremely passionate about bringing the franchise back and as of today July 3rd 2014 HipHopGamer received some critical news behind the scenes regarding Shenmue 3 and all signs point to a 2015 release and revealing of the game.

Shenmue 3 is aiming to complete the final 9 chapters of the story, also will feature online play where you can choose many new characters, and quicktime will come back but in a much more streamlined fashion to blend in to the standard gameplay.

Rumor is that it's NOT exclusive witch alot of people thought it would be, also a fighting game based off the world of Shenmue is rumored to be apart of the deal to keep this brand alive.


Shenmue Online was a game in development back in 2004 and it was rumored to have been cancelled in 2006 but Yu Suzuki actually never confirmed the cancellation.

The tech in the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One is something that Yu Suzuki is very excited about and has also been vocal about regarding what could be done in games and where Shenmue can go.

This is all very exciting and 2015 according to sources behind the scenes is only going to be greater.

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