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J. Cole’s Dollar And A Dream appreciation tour hits NYC with limited edition baseball jerseys and $1 ticket prices.

The Dollar And A Dream tour is a 6-city tour in appreciation of J. Cole’s day one fans that only costs $1 to enter. This year the tour is about Cole’s mixtape "The Warm Up", so expect to hear some songs that Cole wouldn’t normally perform. The way the tour works is J. Cole will announce the location of the show the day of via social media, which means tomorrow keep an eye out for Cole to drop the show location, or else you wont know where the show is. Cole World.

Last year the show was in Irving Plaza and he brought out Drake, so I wouldn’t suggest sleeping. Oh, and if $1 tickets and a possible Drake sighting isn’t enough to get you interested, the NYC show has exclusive baseball jerseys for sale at the event. Keep an eye out tomorrow and stay woke.