HipHopGamer Shots Fired: Nintendo vs Wii U

Nintendo has always received respect from the gaming community, but its recent actions have led people to fall off the Nintendo fan boy bandwagon.

Check out my boy Nino talk about my newest Shots Fired: Nintendo vs. WiiU

To really drive the point home, Nintendo has some serious homework to do. They need to work on moving forward and stop gloating about past accomplishments. It’s time to make some new ones, Nintendo! They also need to man up, and participate in some competition. Making new, innovative systems doesn’t exclude you from the gaming wars with Microsoft and Sony, so stop trying to throw in the towel and fight another day; the fight is now. Make some games to keep your hardcore fan base interested. And lastly, you need to learn from your mistakes, Nintendo. First off, get a better, well trained marketing team to ACTUALLY SHOW THE CONSOLE THE FIRST TIME YOU ANNOUNCE IT instead of keeping it in the background and assuming people know it’s a brand new console. Then work on some new ideas to keep gamers interested. Get your fan base back with real, meaningful games. We miss you, Nintendo. It’s just tough love.