HipHopGamer Shots Fired: Donald Sterling & Racism In Gaming

Finding Positivity In All The Madness

Written By Nino (Blogger for HipHopGamer Inc.)

It’s no secret that banned Clippers owner, Donald Sterling is marked as a racist concerning the comments he made. So how does Donald Sterling, Gaming and Racism all relate to one another?

First Shot Fired: First of all, no one in the gaming industry mentioned Donald Sterling’s shameful comments, despite the fact that others such as Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne made their comments on the subject. The comments made toward Donald Sterling were well deserved to say the least, but it’s in those moments where it’s easy to get sucked into that negative energy. Instead, efforts should be made to rise above the hatred and be better than those who have caused harm.

In terms of the first shot fired, it’s always cool to show your emotions and vocalize what you’re feeling, but don’t forget to keep the focus on love. Donald Sterling deserved what he got, but we still need to love one other even though they do things that we don’t like. Actions such as these are the strongest messages people can send; sometimes it’s the only way others may learn. Negativity is all around us every single day. Whether it is race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion, we are surrounded by negativity. Bettering ourselves every day in an attempt to meet higher standards is what everyone should shoot for.

The game industry is no exception to racism. Playing games online, no one is safe from the offensive comments of others. What really needs to be learned is when people come at you in negative ways, it’s a test for you to see if you’re going to be just as bad as whom you’re complaining about, or are you going to be better and rise above and be an inspiration to lead. Donald Sterling was wrong for what he said, and the respect is gone, from him and what he has to say. Just remember that those with hatred in their hearts will be judged just the same as those who have learned acceptance as united people.

Second Shot Fired: The second shot concerns turning negatives into positives in general and in gaming. Settling a dispute HipHopGamer had years ago with N4G, and collaborating to possibly do an article or podcast, shows that rising above negativity to better ourselves has much more positive outcomes than holding grudges. It gives people inspiration that they can do something that is bigger than them.

The response to reaching out was less than stellar though. N4G commented saying that collaborating and a burying of the hatchet would not be suitable for what is being built over at N4G. Showing positivity in an attempt to bring the gaming community together isn't part of your criteria? It does show, however, how divided we as a community are. If we can’t work together, we will fall as a community. Competition, collaboration of races, genders, ethnicities etc., and hard work helps build strength, and working hard to work together is how we as a community (gaming community or any other community) grow and become strong.

Just to wrap everything up, all of this was to say that there’s a problem. But even when there are problems, we have problem solvers. Those who are willing to do what needs to be done for the betterment of the community, including working together despite what hateful things people may say about it. We should all shoot to be problem solvers. Hatred removes love from anything including the experience of gaming. When gaming is fun, there’s excitement, love and experiences of joy. If gaming does this for us individually or in small groups, we need to be able to spread the love throughout the entire industry and even out into the world.

[One Love And God Bless]

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