Homefront 2 Xbox One Exclusive From Crytek Rumored To Be At E3 2014

The Story: During my interview with Jeremy Greiner in 2012 (Click Here For Video) we spoke about Darksiders 2 and the WiiU but off camera we did speak a bit about the next Homefront game and the expectations were extremely high especially with Crytek behind the franchise.

The Core: The original Homefront was heavily marketed by Microsoft and because of that, this average game (gameplay wise) with a beyond amazing story, managed to sell well over 1 million copies and fans honestly wanted more.

The talk behind the scenes now is that Crytek has been hard at work on a new unannounced title that is headed by Todd Papy formely of Sony Santa Monica which could be the next Homefront game Homefront 2.

The interesting thing here is that this game may very well be one of the 3 third party exclusives that Microsoft is rumored to have secured.

The Wrap-Up: Homefront 2 being a million seller is extremely impactful but even more impactful with the combination of a new Xbox One price tag, more experienced development time with the hardware to get more out of it, and the Crytek engines power to showcase a game like this on a whole new level could be a reason to get a Xbox One after E3 2014.

Please leave comments below do you think Homefront 2 is a good enough title to push Xbox One hardware to the masses as an exclusive?