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The (Air) Force is with Jordan

Posted By: Mike The Executive · 10/19/2007 5:25:00 PM
It beginning to feel like hybrid is the new "it" word transcending genre's. Whether it's the automobile world or the sneaker world, combining two different ideas into one greater being is happening now.

It is with this that next year, 2008, the year the 23 Jordan model (important because Jordan himself rocked Number 23) will release. Nike will be celebrating this event with big releases and even bigger concepts as seen in the line of Air Jordan Hybrids, made up by the fusion of previous Jordan Models and the Nike Air Force One's. The first pictures to hit the net of the Air Jordan Hybrids are of the Air Jordan XII (12) x Air Force One Hybrids and the Air Jordan V (5) x Air force One Hybrids.

The Hybrid 12's which of course my dude Fat Joe and Macho already have, they get them shipped straight from Nike so don't hate, have tagged on the tounge "The Best of Both Worlds."

By the way not to blow myself up but check out The Sneaker Report 30 when Fat Joe and Macho were hanging out and talked about the Hybrid 12's, Mike the Executive YouTube's Channel

Pictures Below Courtesy of my dude Air Randy

If you wanna get them crazy EEEEarly YOUR WELCOME Pictures Below Courtesy of: