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American Gangster- Advanced Screening

Posted By: Anita · 11/2/2007 2:00:00 PM


Hey all, its your girl Anita, with a review of the highly anticipated American Gangster film, starring Academy award winning, sexy goodness of a man, Denzel Washington. Denzel portrays Frank Lucas, an infamous Harlem drug lord, who changed the scene of the dope game. Set during 1970s America, in the mist of the Vietnam War, and urban decay, the film did more then glorify the flashy life of drug dealers. In between scenes of nightclubs and expansive wealth were gruesome scenes of the how heroin and crack slowly destroyed New York City. After the death of his mentor and Harlem’s reining drug lord, Lucas decided to take the game into his own hands. He builds his empire, conquering the city with the help of his brothers, Common plays Turner Lucas, who controls distribution in Brooklyn. Rapper T.I portrays Common’s son, Stevie, a promising baseball player who falls in the game. Instead of relying on the Italian mafia, Lucas cuts out the middle man, and gets his product directly from the source. He calls the product Blue Magic and soon the potent drug floods the streets. Detective Richie Roberts played by Russell Crowe, whose own life is falling apart, struggles to stay afloat amidst a corrupt police department. With the help of special task force including a detective played by the RZA, he works to destroys Lucas’ kingdom.

American Gangster was an excellent film and Denzel Washington commanded the screen. It is easy to see where Jay-Z drew his inspiration for his new album from. You definitely don’t want to be the last person to see this movie!  Check out HOT 97’s late night DJ, Peter Rosenberg as he interviews people from the advanced screening on HOT 97 Videos on Demand. Keep it locked!