All Things HOT


Posted By: NĂ©ma J. · 7/2/2009 12:46:00 AM
Keep it locked to HOT 97 for our 4TH of July ALL Mix Weekend! 
Check the schedule to see when your favorite DJ's are mixing all weekend
Be safe this weekend & peace

Thursday July 2nd

12pm-2pm:  DJ Camilo

2pm-5pm: DJ Envy

5pm-7pm: DJ Enuff

7pm-12 mid: Funkmaster Flex

12 midnight-2am: DJ Kay Slay

2am-4am: DJ Jazzy Joyce

4am-6am: Bobby Trends

Friday July 3rd

8am-10am: Cipha Sounds

10am-12pm: Kast One

12pm-3pm: DJ Envy

3pm-5pm: DJ Camillo

5pm-8pm: DJ Enuff

8pm-10pm: Mister Cee

10pm-12 mid: Funkmaster Flex

12 mid-2am: Bobby Trends


2am-4am: Cocoa Chanelle

4am-6am: Big Ben

Saturday July 4th

8am-10am: DJ Absolut

10am-2pm: DJ Envy

2pm-4pm: Cipha Sounds

4pm-7pm: Mister Cee

7pm-11pm: Funkmaster Flex

11pm-12 mid: Bobby Konders & Jabba

12 mid-2am: Big Ben

2am-4am: Kast One

4am-6am: Bobby Trends

Sunday July 5th

8am-10am: Big Ben

10am-12 pm: Kast One

12pm-2pm: Bobby Trends

2pm-4pm: Jazzy Joyce

4pm-6pm: Cipha Sounds

6pm-8pm: Cocoa Chanelle

8pm-10pm: Kay Slay

10pm-12 Mid: Bobby Konders & Jabba

12 mid-2am: Rosenberg