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Rihanna Sits Down with Andy Cohen for Candid Interview at Facebook

Posted By: Latia · 11/9/2012 4:39:00 PM

Posted By: Latia G. @tfresh_89

Bad girl RiRi sat down with Andy Cohen at Facebook's NY Headquarters for an extensive interview earlier today. The mega-star gave fans (or should I say, the "Rihanna Navy") the inside scoop on her upcoming 7-7-7 tour, collaboration wish list, and the situation with ex boo-thing Chris Brown. When asked about track number 10 entitled, Nobody's Business off her new Unapologetic album, she said: 

"I am not putting it out there as much as its just there. I can't run away from that if I had it my way it would be really nobody's business and it sucks but whatever". 

The track features Brown and suggests more about their relationship than the two have led on in recent interviews.

Rihanna also stuck around long enough to play a quick "word association" game Cohen--she gave her knee-jerk reaction to some of the industries heavy hitters. These are few a words Ri's responses: 

Jay-"Even more genius."
Mariah-"Her voice is an instrument.  It's unreal really."
Beyonce-"Gorgeous and a stab to my ego."
Nicki Minaj-"Ass."
Eminem-"The sh*t."
Chris Brown-"He's dope too."

Watch below to see full interview!