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Complex Magazine Interviews Angie Martinez

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Complex Magazine journalist Lauren Nostro recieved the opportunity to sit down with our very own Angie Martinez for an in-depth interview. In the exclusive feature, Angiedescribes her come-up as a radio personality in great detail. The Bronx native paid her dues, and went from pushing coffee to pushing one of the highest ranking radio shows in the country. Read a few of the article excerpts related to Angie's early radio experiences below:

“When I was 16, my mother moved me out of Brooklyn and sent me to Florida to stay with my family for a little bit because I was being bad, not going to school and stuff. I interned at Power 96 in Miami when I was 16 and when I came back to New York and I was 18, I started interning at Hot 97 and I’ve been there ever since." "I just had this thing in my mind that I was going to work in every department and learn just the business of radio. So, I did. I interned in the promotions department, I drove the vans, I got the coffee, I worked for the general manager as an assistant, I did everything. I was street team. I did that for a long time but I also learned how to run the boards and do the technical stuff so that by the time I was in my young 20s, I knew how to run the boards. I pretty much knew how to run the radio station and then I started getting opportunities to crack the mic a little bit and then I realized, this is what I wanna do. Once I started doing that, it was like, ‘Okay, I get it.’"

Angie also spoke with Complex about her most memorable interviews and her projects outside of radio, which include a healthy Latin cookbook with Fat Joe, and her eBay auction charity, Angie's Guest Closet.

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