Kanye West and M.I.A in Paris for Fashion Week

Kanye and M.I.A are styling on all you haters. Attending Paris' Fashion Week, Kanye took a gander at the summer/spring 2013

collection. All by himself while wifey, Kim K, was working.  M.I.A is relazxing and preparing for her performance in Kochi, India on December 12, 2012. She said, "India is having its first art Biennale, so I’m going to be opening that with a show, and then I’ve got a few dates in Australia after that,”" That's alot of 1s and 2s. Not to mention the Jordan Retro 1s on Kanye's feet. 

The two seem to be grinding it out. Kanye with his new album set to drop soon and M.I.A with her many show performances across the UK.