Timbaland To Launch New Liqueur!!

Timbaland is the latest hip hop artist to jump into the liquor business.

He will be launching a new sparkling liqueur which will be named LeSutra.

Timbaland will be co-owner of the drink, who is also co-owned by Tom Bruno who is the co-founder of Grey Good Vodka.

Apparently, the liqueur will be available in four different flavors.

Timbaland said that, 

"“Everything that I create is groundbreaking and LeSUTRA is no different. With its innovative ingredients and design, I’m confident that we’ll gain a loyal and eclectic consumer base. My infectious style has helped produce career-defining hits for artists worldwide, and now I’m guaranteeing another hit with LeSUTRA. “

The super producer is planning a big party for the launch this Labor Day in Miami.