Angie Martinez


LAHH 3 Star Rich Dollaz Gets Arrested In The Middle Of An Interview [VIDEO]

LAHH 3 reality star Rich Dollaz being arrested right in the middle of an interview. In the video he introduced himself as "the manager who needed a manager" and "politely" checked his interviewer for asking questions about Olivia and Erica Mena BEFORE talking about him and his projects.

Rich, who seemed to be "hiding" during the chat, mentioned to the interviewer that seeing cops "made him nervous" and he looked very uncomfortable when the cops walked towards them. Though he was asked to identify himself and produce ID, it's pretty obvious that Rich already knew what the cops were there for. Chaundrea (the alleged baby mama) greets Rich Dollaz at the door (after he is handcuffed) and yells at him for sneaking into Memphis and not handling his business with regards to their paternity suit.

Check out the crazy video: