Angie Martinez


Clive Davis Opens Up About 'Bisexuality' on Nightline [VIDEO]

Clive Davis, who is best known, as the former president of Columbia Records, announced his bisexuality in his new memoir Soundtrack to My Life.

The book which is out in stores today chronicles a time shortly after his divorce in 1985, where he first had a relationship with a man.

Davis is best known by bringing artists such as Whitney Houston, Usher, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, as well as being the man behind Bad Boy Records.

According to the Rolling Stone,

"In a candid five-page section toward the end of the book, due in stores today, he writes that he first had a s*xual encounter with a man during "the era of Studio 54." "On this night, after imbibing enough alcohol, I was open to responding to his s*xual overtures," writes Davis, who says he had only been with women before being with a man, he writes, provided "welcome relief."

After a relationship with a male doctor that began in 1990 ended in 2004, he began dating another man that he continues to date until this very day.

During an interview on Nightline, the mogul opened up about his experience."