Angie Martinez


Jay-Z Makes The RIAA Respect His 'New Rules' [PHOTO]

Jay-Z's announcement of his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, shook up the music scene by making his album available to 1,000,000 Samsung Galaxy users using his Magna Carta application.

Earlier today, the RIAA released a statement clearing any confusion about how album and singles sales are certified in the future.

"Going forward, sales of albums in digital format will become eligible on the release date," Director of Communications and Gold & Platinum Program Liz Kennedy said.

"While sales of albums in physical format will still become eligible for certification 30 days after the release date,"

She went on to include that the rules had to be updated, as the reason tally's were counted after 30 days was to account for returns of the project.

Magna Carta Holy Grail will be available via the Magna Carta app July 4. Take a look at the artwork below.

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