Wale Ft. Tiara Thomas Perform 'Bad' At The Bowery NYC [VIDEO]

Wale dropped his 'Folarin' mixtape on X-Mas eve and performed last night at The Bowery in NYC. Check out the performance of "Bad" featuring Tiara Thomas.

Here's what Wale had to say about the song..

"Bad is about a girl that’s good in bed but she’s not good for you. She’s just down for sex. Or it can be either way. The guy, he’s just down for sex. It’s a natural thing that happens with humans. We gravitate towards things that we don’t need or the we know is not good for us. Especially when the physical is more prominent than other aspects of the relationship. The sex is so good that it overpowers everything else that is going on in the relationship".

shout to Necolebitchie.com